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Moss Hollowe is an enchanted place, nestled in an area known as "The Dark Corner," in the South Carolina mountains. The Cherokee believed it to be a magical place, and we think so, too. Here, we raise dairy goats and heritage breed wool sheep; make goats' milk soap and conjure unique wearable art to connect you with your Inner Magic

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The Sheep...

Our small, well-loved flock of Gotland, Bluefaced Leicester, WensleydaleX, Teeswater, ShetlandX, JacobsX, and Tunis. More about our fiber animals here.

Early March under the plum trees.  Photo by Tim Robison for Bold Life.

Our Gotland sheep were featured in BOLD LIFE magazine!

Read the article here.

The Art...

Fairy Moon®

by Moss Hollowe

Felted Designs & Handspun Knits

Lynn Hurst

featured in

BOLD LIFE.   &       Faerie Magazine

"Grey With the Hue of Twilight" read the Bold Life article.


Nuno felted Merino wool and silk, antique beading

TITANIA'S WALKING CAPE, nuno felted Merino, hand beaded net/organza. Featured in the Spring issue of Faerie Magazine.

SNOW DRIFT CLOAK, nuno felted Merino, Teeswater curls, hand beaded net/organza. Featured in the Spring issue of Faerie Magazine.


Nuno felted Merino wool and lace wrist warmers

The rich textures of nuno felt...

Fairy Moon® garments and accessories are sold exclusively through A Walk in the Woods, an artisan boutique in Hendersonville, NC. View a sampling of past and current items available.

Wool Sculpture

A special barbed needle is used to sculpt wool into 3D figures.

Fairy Lanterns.

Hand felted pure wool. Twig furniture accessories sold separately.


Hand Knit.

of-a-kind, original designs

Storybook Hoods

  & Pixie Hoods

Hand knit hand spun locks from our flock of Gotland sheep, Teeswater, Wensleydale, Shetland, Bluefaced Leicester, mohair, recycled silk ribbon, and other goodies.

Big, generous drape for ultimate storybook style! Over sixteen ounces of handspun yarns from our sheep, mohair curls, lambs curls, and silk, in each one-of-a-kind hood.

"Stardust" Pixie Hood, hand spun yarns from our Gotland sheep, Cotswold, silk, and sparkle (above). 

Shepherdess Shawls.

Hand knit hand spun Gotland, Teeswater, mohair, silk, and other luxury fibers


Hand Spun Yarns

from our special flock of sheep

Gotland Angora silk cashmere blend (from our Gotland sheep Violet & Lilac and our Angora rabbits)

art yarn with silk (from our ShetlandX sheep, Briar & Bramble)

art yarn (from Aunt Bea our Tunis sheep)

Angora-Tunis blend (from our Angora rabbit, Emery, & Tunis sheep, Aunt Bea)

ShetlandX (from Briar & Bramble) and Tunis (from Aunt Bea)

ShetlandX (from Briar & Bramble)

Goats Milk Soap


Goats milk soaps are handmade in small batches with milk supplied by our generous goats. 

Full line of rustic, herbal soaps, The Shire soaps, hunters' soaps, felted soaps, and special Fairy Soaps (which are hand molded... and, when we're not looking, the fairies sprinkle them with sparkling Faery Dust—all natural, of course)

...Pure magic!

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