from sheep to art

Meet Our Spinners Flock


Poppy is our fun-loving, curious little black Jacobs cross. Jacobs sheep are believed to be the most ancient breed in existence, tracing back to the flock of Jacob of the Bible. They often have spots and multiple horns--up to six! 

Typically, a Jacob's fleece is considered strong, of medium softness. For some reason, however, Poppy has the softest fleece of any Jacob's you'll likely ever feel. A one-of-a-kind delight!


Aunt Bea was our plump, ladylike purebred Tunis sheep (aka Tunisian). Tunis are members of the fat-tail variety of sheep and is one of the oldest breeds in the United States. The first known importation was in the late 16th century as a gift from the sultan of Tunisia. Tunis sheep are born a beautiful copper red and develop a creamy-colored, lustrous, long-stapled fleece. 

Aunt Bea was the Maggie Smith of our flock. We miss her dearly.

In loving memory.


ShetlandX. Briar is a Shetland cross with a very sweet nature, and very long, crimpy fleece. Bramble is his son, with Poppy's Jacobs genetics as his mom. He is still a Mama's boy, with fleece even longer than his papa's, though with less crimp. They are both a spinner's delight!


These magnificent wethers are Wensleydale x Gotland sheep. Gryffin, the darker lad, is a beautiful charcoal blue-grey, while Bailey ranges from pearl to silvery grey. Gotland sheep originated on the Isle of Gotland, Sweden, and are prized for their high metallic sheen and long open curls. The Wensleydale has its origins in the United Kingdom, with very long, soft, high luster curls. 

With their long, open purling, amazing luster and incredible softness, these boys are a hand spinners DELIGHT, as well as delightful pets! Their long curls can also be used as doll hair, trims for felting, and for lockspinning and overdyes beautifully.


Clover... our always smiling little purebred Old English Babydoll Southdown. She came to us lame when she was six years old and eventually became nearly completely blind. We lost Clover in spring of 2013. She is dearly missed.

In loving memory.


87.5% Gotland ewe. She has lovely silver-grey fleece to die for. High luster with open purling from stern to britch. She is full of personality‚Ķ you can just see the mischief in her eyes!


87.5% Gotland ram. Derby is a superstar. His fleece is soft and lustrous with open purling and a medium silver grey. He is a gentle lad as well, a joy to have in our flock.


Thistledown is our lovely TeeswaterX. He produces loads of long, lustrous curls in creamy white. The bit of Coopworth genetics in his background give him a little extra softness. Handspinners, felters and doll makers love his long locks.


Hawthorn is 81% Gotland and is retaining a deep charcoal color. He has exceptionally long locks and high lustre. The hand spinners love his marvelous curls and he is a joy to spin, and overdyes beautifully! Check out some of the lockspun yarns from his fleece! To top it all off, he has a very affectionate, outgoing personality.


Lovely little Bluefaced Leicester shearling. So lovely and soft! Can't wait for his first full fleece!


Lovely little Bluefaced Leicester shearling. So lovely and soft! Can't wait for his first full fleece! Photo coming soon